Tiberio Gonzales

He was born in Ayacucho in 1949, birthplace of master artisans. He makes jewels with semi-precious stones, like crisola (peruvian turquoise), peruvian opal, pink quartz, obsidian stone, (used in the past for the making of surgical instruments and weapons), serpentine and quartz. All work done in different forms and figures and bathed in silver. All of these stones were used by his incan and pre-incans ancestors.

Tiberio has been working for more than 30 years in this passionate art. He is an artisan very much in demand from overseas customers, especially in the american market for his versatility in the latest trends in jewelry.

His work took him to showcase in the World Bank in Washington, DC, where his work captured the attention and admiration of high officials in this american capital.