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Paracas National Reserve





Paracas, wedged in the middle of the coastal desert in the department of Ica covers an area of 335.000 hectares and is the only national reserve that protects part of the Peruvian sea which is chilled by the cold Humboldt current. This unique area is home to some of the world´s richest fishing grounds, made possible by marine upswells that bring to the surface vast masses of plankton, a vital food supply for hundreds of fish species.


Paracas is also home to guano-producing bird species and large colonies of sea lions. It is a haven for dozens of visiting migratory bird species and endangered species such as the marine wildcat or chingungo, the Humboldt penguin and pink flamingoes. The area also saw the rise of the Paracas culture, a major pre- Colombian civilization who left a legacy of superb textiles and items of pottery whose quality continues to astound visitors.



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